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The Challenges of a Traditional Swimming Pool

  • High Maintenance: Traditional pools require regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment checks to maintain water quality and safety. This can be time-consuming and costly over the long term.
  • Costly Upkeep: Beyond maintenance, there are costs for water, energy to heat the pool (if desired), and repairs for any wear and tear on the pool structure or machinery.
  • Seasonal Use: In many climates, traditional pools can only be used during warmer months unless they are heated, which further increases costs.
  • Safety Concerns: Pools can pose safety risks, especially for households with young children or pets. Adequate fencing, supervision, and safety equipment are necessary to mitigate these risks.
  • Space Requirements: Installing a traditional pool requires a significant amount of space, which can limit the usability of your yard for other activities or landscaping desires.
  • Installation Time and Cost: The initial cost of installing a traditional pool can be quite high, including landscaping and construction. The installation process can also be lengthy and disruptive to your property.

Choosing Right: Traditional Pool vs. Swim Spa

Swim Spa Perks
Year-Round Use

Equipped with heating options, swim spas can be used in all seasons, unlike many traditional pools that are limited to warm weather.

Space Efficiency

Swim spas require less space, making them ideal for smaller yards or areas where a traditional pool is not feasible.

Lower Maintenance

Swim spas typically have more straightforward maintenance requirements compared to traditional pools, with easier chemical management and cleaning processes.


Initial installation costs, ongoing maintenance, and operational costs (such as heating and water use) are generally lower for swim spas.

Versatile Use

Swim spas provide the dual benefits of a swimming pool and a therapeutic spa, offering both exercise opportunities through adjustable currents and relaxation features like massage jets.

Easier Installation

Swim spas can be easier and quicker to install, with some models designed for above-ground placement, reducing the need for extensive excavation and construction work.

Fitness and Therapy

The built-in currents in swim spas allow for continuous swimming, fitness routines, and water-based exercises, which are not always feasible in traditional pools. The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy jets also support muscle recovery and relaxation.

Safer Option

With their compact design and controlled environment, swim spas can be safer for families with children or pets, reducing the risk of accidents.

Adjust the Jets to Your Swimming Style

Adjust your swimming experience to your preferences. Our swim spa features a precision power flow swim jet, an intelligent swim control system, and a 10-speed swim pump, delivering an unmatched swimming experience. With these advanced technologies, you'll enjoy a powerful, seamless current that's perfect for both exercise and leisure swimming.

Adjustable Speed Control Panel: Tailor your swim to your exact preferences with 10 levels of current strength. Whether you're training for a competition or enjoying a leisurely swim, you can customize the flow to match your pace. Dive into a swimming experience that perfectly made for you.

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Smart Control at Your Fingertips
  • The SpaTech control panel gives you real time feedback allowing you to manage your spa effectively and easily.
  • Easy control of your heat pump with the keypads. 6 modes let you take full advantage of your heat pump to optimize your savings: Eco Heat, Smart Heat, Eco Auto, Smart Auto, Cool, and Electric.
  • Customize maintenance reminder, which can automatically remind you to maintain your beloved hot tub in time according to your habits.
  • Thanks to its simple and efficient configuration options, the touchscreen keypad is intuitive and user friendly, easy for anyone to take control of.
  • Powerful compatibility with WiFi, Bluetooth speakers. Easy to control your hot tub’s functions and features from any smartphone or tablet, even when you’re away from home.
  • 4 x Preset modes allow you to choose the best suited to your spa needs and maximise efficiency and reduce running costs: Standard, energy-saving, vacation and sleep mode.

Swim Spa Product Grip

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Spa Pool vs. Pool: Which is better?

As you may know, in recent years, the use of spa pools has increased more than pools. Some people may still wonder about the problem with the previous swimming pools or why should I even think about spas? Well, here is the right page to get more knowledge about this sort of issue. In the following, Beta-wellness will share with you all its experiences about the differences between a Spa pool and a swimming pool. Don't hesitate to keep reading!What is the best choice between a swimming pool or swim spa?Some people may not be familiar with the main difference between a spa pool and a swimming pool. A Spa pool, also known as an Outdoor spa, plunge pool, or endless pool, is smaller than a traditional pool and more extensive than a swim spa (usually 4 (Atlantis 4.6) to 6(Atlantis 6.0) meters in length.). So, as its name shows, you can plunge in it as deep as enough, or you can take a massage and relax in it. Now that you know the main difference let's get back to the main topic and check the factors.Backyard size:The first and foremost factor in your choice is the size of your backyard. If you have an almost medium or small backyard, a spa pool will be your best choice! Do not doubt!In general, if you want to use your space optimally, a spa pool is better because it takes less space than a traditional pool. For a large backyard, you can choose both, although you should consider what activities you would like to do in your outdoor. For instance, do you have enough space for a garden? If you have a child, is there a play area for them? If the answer to these questions is yes, you can think of a swimming pool. But if you lose other spaces by installing a traditional swimming pool, beta-wellness highly recommends you a spa pool.The Gist: Spa Pool is better for small and medium areas because, compared to the swimming pool, you will have much more advanced technology, but if you have a large backyard, you can choose one of them according to your needs.Purchase and Installation costFor many persons, the most critical choosing factor is the cost. There are generally two main costs involved with setting up a pool.The cost of Purchase a poolThe cost of Installation a poolIf you have a lot of money and without caring about other features, you just want to swim in a massive pool, a swimming pool would be a better choice for you. The installation cost of this in-ground pool is +50000 AUD, and they are just an ordinary pool without any other facilities. You also should pay serious attention to the daily cost of pumping and heating water in a year, which will cost about $2-$3 per day, while in an outdoor spa, everything is automatic, and the cost is like $1-$3 per day depending on the time of year.The spa pool is entirely on the contrary of the simple pool. A spa pool should be your final decision if you want to experience beyond swimming in a smaller area. When it comes to installing an outdoor spa, it seems more reasonable because it's between $22,000-$40,000, which is much less than traditional ones. In addition, users do need to pay exorbitant costs for the repair and maintenance of a pool, and in a spa pool, it will be much less. For example, in a typical pool, you have to pay for cleaning, equipment, and chemicals during a year, while the outdoor spa is equipped with automatic water filtration and circulation systems, which require a filter replacement at a lower cost.The Gist: For budgets under $50,000, a spa pool makes more sense than installing a regular swimming pool.The usability and performance you needIn this section, we will talk about the main reasons people are motivated to buy a private pool. The main reasons for this can be fitness and improving the health and vitality of the family.To be honest, massive pools are suitable for those people who want to have more than 12 people in one pool or have bigger pool party ambitions. There is no other reason for those who want to use a pool for the under 12 population and not choose a spa pool. There is no other reason not to choose a spa pool because it makes everything ready for you! These spas include much more advanced technology than a conventional pool. In the outdoor spa, you can listen to music, adjust the temperature with a touchscreen panel, use its lighting system, and most importantly, enjoy and relax with its massage system.Besides, if you plan to purchase a pool for fitness, do not doubt that spa pools offer you outstanding facilities. With the water circulation they create, the spas allow you to swim continuously against the flow of water that can strengthen your muscles and body. Also, these spas are ideally suited to do aquatic exercises and have some equipment such as a Water bike (optional), Swim pole (included), Exercise band (included), and Rowing machine (optional) that will be completely helpful in your fitness.The Gist: The Spa pools are designed for family fun and have special facilities for fitness. In contrast, traditional pools are suitable for having many people inside or even holding a pool party.Swimming pool or Swim spa each have their advantages and disadvantages. What you intend to purchase should be in line with your budget and expectations of a pool. In previous years, many people in Australia and other countries buy spa pools instead of swimming pools because they enjoy more technology and benefits than they spend, but this is not necessarily the case for everyone. Reviewing all Beta wellness products can help you decide which one is best for you and your family. Also, our experts are ready to answer your questions. Contact us!FAQ:Is a swim spa better than a Swimming pool?Yes. A swim spa is better than a swimming pool because it offers more features and benefits than a traditional pool. Swim spas are often called "hydrotherapy pools," designed for therapeutic use. They use for physical therapy, exercise, and relaxation. Also, the swim spa's jets and other features can help muscle recovery after injury or illness.Are the swim spas suitable for swimming?Yes! Swim spas are suitable for swimming because they have water jets that work together to provide resistance. You can also run laps in them, which is a great way to get your heart rate up and improve your fitness level.What are the benefits of a swim spa pool?1)They have hot tubs and a swimming area. 2)They can install indoors or outdoors. 3)The water in them is kept at a constant temperature year-round. 4)There aren't any chemicals required for filtration or cleaning up after use.

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