What is the operating cost of a spa?

You're prepared to buy a spa or swim spa. How much does it cost to operate a spa? is one of the first queries our customers ask.

Answering this question is difficult because there are a lot of factors to consider, including:
What's the temperature outside?
How often will people utilise your spa?
In what way was the spa installed?
What level of insulation is there in the spa?
Which control system is in place at the spa?

To put it briefly, the cost of operating a spa with poor insulation in a cold environment situated on a wooden deck will be significantly higher than that of a spa with good insulation in a warmer climate situated on a solid concrete slab.


Many less expensive spas will simply have very little insulation. This lowers the spa's purchase price but raises operating expenses. When it comes to operating costs, insulation is one of the most important things to take into account. The heater in your spa will run continuously to keep your water warm if there is inadequate insulation allowing heat to escape. Undoubtedly, heating your spa continuously might get costly.

Additionally, some spa businesses charge more for a hard cover. Any spa that wants to prevent a significant quantity of heat from escaping through the water's surface needs to have a well-insulated hard cover. Your operating costs for a spa without a protective cover will be unacceptably high. All of our spas include a lockable hard cover as standard equipment, and we highly advise using it when your spa is not in use.

We are pleased to provide two insulating levels in our selection. While our platinum series offers seven layers of insulation, our basic series of spas still has five levels.


Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of pumps your spa has.

Pre Delivery Guide

Congratulations on acquiring your brand-new swim spa, or spa! Even though we recognise how wonderful this moment is, it's crucial to make arrangements for a stress-free installation and delivery.

* Verify that the spa you have chosen will fit in the intended space by using its measurements.
* Verify whether your spa can be delivered and whether a crane is needed.
* Verify sure there is enough power in your home to run your spa.
* Before delivering, make sure the right foundations are in place.

Pre Delivery Guide

This handbook includes the following:

Advice on location and safety for your new plunge pool or spa swim spa

Advice on ventilation

Your neighbours and privacy

Advice on how to maintain your hard cover

Electrical specifications and guidance

Advice on foundations for decking, concrete slabs, and access

Expectations for delivery

Are all swim spa warranties similar?

Without a doubt not. Diverse swim spa warranties provide varying durations of coverage for distinct components. Certain swim spa manufacturers reimburse claims on a pro rata basis, while others have so many restrictions that they are essentially unusable.

Additionally, you should find out from the retailer how long their chosen manufacturer has been operating under the same name because legally and in many cases, they are the ones that cover your guarantee for swimming spas.

The duration of a retailer's business is crucial because not many swim spa shops have been in operation for as long as the spa guarantee they are providing.

Keep this in mind when comparing warranties:

The swim spa shell is virtually never cracked, hence the "structural" warranty only applies in those cases. This is the reason some businesses provide 20- or 30-year "warranties," knowing full well that this structural guarantee is essentially worthless.

Because most jets include locking clips that break and are irreparable and bearings that clog and come apart, jets are a common component to fail. Make sure to search for extensive warranty periods and/or bearingless screw-in jets.

In many cases, the labour component of a warranty is the most expensive portion of addressing a problem with your swimming spa, so find out how long it lasts.

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