• 443 X 235 X 129 cm
  • Swim Spa with no seats
  • 591.5 x 235 x 129 cm
  • Swim Spa with no seats
  • 443 x 235 x 154 cm
  • -
  • 591.5 X 235 X 154 cm
  • 706.5 x 235 x 154 cm
  • Swim Spa with no seats



Dimensions 443 X 235 X 129 cm
Volume 5690 ltr
Version 1 zone
Swimming jets 2 x Swim Jets
Dimensions 443 X 235 X 129 cm
Volume 5690 ltr
Version 1 zone
Swimming jets 4 x Swim Jets
Dimensions 443 X 235 X 129 cm
Volume 5690 ltr
Version 1 zone
Swimming jets 4 x Swim Jets
Elite Performance: The Swim Spa for Champions

Exercise pools feature powerful counter-current jets that do not impair visibility, making them ideal for dedicated swimmers.

  • One side equipment access
  • Adjust lighting to suit your lifestyle
  • Quality at an entry level price
  • Ozone sanitisation
  • Platinum Thermo Lock System
  • Audio System (optional)
Swim continuously without turning in one spot.

The PRO version of the Swim Spa features an Adaptive Flow Control inverter swimming system. This system offers 10 speed variants to choose from, catering to different swimming styles and abilities. The swim current is powerful, fully adjustable, and turbulence-free, providing a challenge even for the strongest swimmer. Even with the LUX 4 pump / 10 hp counter-current version, swimming along the bottom line in the wide current channel becomes a pleasure for everyone in the family. The 6 adjustable PowerJets allow you to adjust buoyancy and the power of the under- or upper current to your personal swimming needs.

The small massage area at the front end of the pool serves as a warm-up or relaxation aid after an intensive swim workout, with 8 rotating jets to help loosen leg and back muscles and revitalise the body.

Built to last

The basic framework of the Swim Spa is formed by a triple-reinforced galvanised steel frame. This frame provides maximum stability for the tub shell and can withstand lateral water pressure as well as soil pressure. The pool is considered the heaviest of its size on the market due to the extra strong, fibreglass-reinforced multi-layer acrylic shell and solid ABS floor shoring.

The power of the counter current

The swimming system features 6 adjustable PowerJets that provide a broad, turbulence-free current. With 4 powerful water pumps, it can create up to 8000 litres of water per minute of counterpressure. The buoyancy, upper and lower water pressure can be individually adjusted via the pump configuration and the air intake regulator to suit the swimmer's ability. The PRO inverter technology uses frequency-controlled water pumps that enable powerful swimming training via a 10-speed control.

Excellent water quality

The circulation pump, which saves power, draws water through the EGO³ pre-filter cartridges and provides circulation, cleaning, and disinfection for up to 24 hours a day. Active oxygen (O³) is added to the water via an ozone generator, rendering bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses harmless. This ensures that the pool water is hygienic, clean, and crystal-clear on a permanent basis. Water management with ozone reduces the addition of additives to a minimum.

High energy efficiency

Floor-level shoring helps save energy by minimizing external influences such as wind and cold. An energy-saving water treatment, disinfection, and circulation system (with a programmable special circulation pump) ensures effective heat usage and prevents unnecessary circulation times. Shell foaming and a precisely fitting HI cover also contribute to energy efficiency and minimize power consumption.

Cabinet Shell

The tub is made of sanitary acrylic, which comes with a lifetime guarantee.

> The tub is made of a solid-coloured, non-porous material that is up to 0.4 inches thick.

> The surface is made of fibreglass-reinforced acrylic and has a multi-layer construction for added strength and to prevent deformation.

> The product features a multi-layer construction for added strength and to prevent deformation.

> The material is easy to care for, UV-resistant, and pressure-resistant. Minor scratches can be easily repaired.


HI vinyl cover

> The top material is extremely durable and water-repellent.
> The filling is highly insulated and contains metal struts.
> The structure is conical and 20 cm thick for optimal insulation.
> The flap is designed to provide continuous insulation.
> The product is fitted with lockable fastening clips to ensure it is child resistant and windproof.
> Multi-part construction for easy handling.
> Colour: Anthracite-grey

Dive In & Test: Discover Your Dream Swim

Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? Only a test dip in our swim spas can help you decide which model is right for you and your family. Evaluate the seat shape and depth, test the massage effect and feel the water. Please bring only your swimwear and towels. We will ensure that the pool is ready for your use.

During your visit to our showrooms, you will find a variety of suitable models for test swimming. Our certified experts will guide you and provide inspiration from customer examples for potential garden designs, all complete with an exclusive sliding cover.