Endless Peace and Tranquillity My Personal Spa At Home.
How Stress, Sleep, Social Lives Shape Our Lives

It's important for us to take breaks and look after our health, both in our bodies and minds. We often feel like there's not enough time for everything, which can cause problems. We need to watch out for a few serious issues that come from being too busy:

Stress and Anxiety:
• 264 million people globally suffer from anxiety disorders (WHO).
• 35% of the world's population are experiencing a lot of stress the previous day.

Lack of Sleep:
• 45% of the world's population experience sleep problems (World Sleep Society).

Fitness and Rehabilitation:
• Globally, 81% of adolescents 11–17 old were insufficiently physically active (WHO).
• 1.4 billion people - are not doing enough physical exercise (The Lancet Global Health).

Social Interaction and Family Time:
• Social isolation can increase mortality risk by up to 29% (Journal of Health and Social Behaviour).
• Finding a suitable balance between work and life is a challenge for many people worldwide, impacting quality family time and social interactions.

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Wellness Solutions Through Stress Management, Quality Sleep, Active Living, and Social Bonds

The Health Benefits of Owning a Spa
Promotes Weight Loss
Stress Relief
Muscle & Arthritis Pain Relief
Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
Profound Sleep
Lowers Blood Pressure
Improve your Health and Wellbeing with our Spa in your Home

Embrace Ultimate Relaxation: Enhance your lifestyle with a convenient, healthy at-home spa experience. Amidst life's pressures, reclaim your leisure moments with a custom spa that soothes mind and body, offering a personal wellness retreat right at home. Deserve more than just relaxation; indulge in a professional-grade massage spa bathtub for the perfect balance and joy of life.

Why Beta Wellness? Smooth Experience from Selection to Relaxation

Energy-smart products for efficient operation for a monthly low cost.

Delivery, installation, and maintenance included.

• Friendly Experts to support and guide you to find the right spa.

• Featuring the most advanced hydrotherapy technology for deep relaxation.

• Committed to sustainability as a brand value.

• Engineered for quiet operations, no noise.

Smart app integration.

Most Powerful Hydro Massage Technology

Point map
Oasis spas combine precision massage and a scientific seating layout to offer the proven benefits of hydrotherapy and the stimulation provided by hydrotherapy massage - using targeted water jets to loosen muscles, stimulate blood flow and create a total body feeling of wellness.

Unleash surging force
Elevate your hydrotherapy experience with ourcutting-edge high-power massage pumps. Deliveringan unyielding surge of energy, ensuring a vigorousflow of water to immerse yourself into and rejuvenatein a truly soothing spa.

Ergonomic seating
With 3 decades of experience, our spas are designed to ensure even the longest soak is a comfortable one. The design maximises the space within the spa to ensure that everyone has plenty of room to truly enjoy their experience.

Diverse jet combination

Different jet configurations on each seat, provide a variedand targeted massage for different muscles groups.

Accu-pressure back massage

A number of accu-pressure jets are used in one seat to precisely target pressure points in the back and lower neck.

Full body massage recliner

Experience the relaxation of your entire body all at once - from your neck to your toes.

Foot massage therapy

With more nerves and muscles in your footthan anywhere else there’s no doubt whyeveryone loves our foot massage jets.

Product Features

Easy Water Care System

Keeping your spa water clean, clear and balanced can be simple and easy, our spas models features anti-Microbial filter cartridges, an easy care CD ozone, helping to kill germs and break down body oils for reduced chemical usage and crystal clear water.

Enhanced Insulation and Energy Efficient System

With a combination of lockable thermo cover with high density insulating foam, "No Gap" cabinet, thick foam, insulated cladding plus high-performance insulatiuon material, well-sealed floor. Our spas insulatioon systems ensures minimal heat loss.

SPATECH + WiFi Control System

Every SPA/SWIM SPA/POOL is equipped with WiFi for rapid fault diagnosis and maintenance cost savings, featuring a modern touchscreen interface, enhanced inverter control, and an open SPATECH backend for dealers to improve fault management efficiency and speed.

Waterfall inside spa lit blue
Dream-Time Lighting

Our spas come with the dream-time lighting package, inlcluding a Large LED Light and water-level perimeter lighting, included with our Platinum Series are back-lit controls, back-lit waterfalls and cabinet corner panels

Which SPA Fits To You?

Ingenious & Minimalist Design for Maximum Comfort

Graceful Lines:
Design draws inspiration from graceful lines, offering a holistic and soothing massage therapy from neck to feet.
Safe and comfortable spa experience:
Soft, non-slip, chemical and ozone resistant steps provide a luxury and safe entry and exit from your spa.
Pristine white & elegant grey:
Subtle shell colours that compliment the clean and premium design of the spa which aid you to relax both your body and mind.

Slash Daily Heating Costs by 75%

• Compared to gas or electric heaters, an air-sourced heat pump uses a small amount of energy to generate a large amount of heat output.
This energy-efficient alternative can save up to 75% on heating costs.

• Apart from heating your spa more efficiently in the cooler months, it also works to cool your water down to a more refreshing temperature in summer.

• Can be controlled by both SPATECH/Gecko controls. Available at 5kW, 9kW and 12kW.

Eco-Friendly Warmth: Save Energy with Our Spas

Experience warmth quickly and maintain it longer with our spa's high-efficiency insulation. This ensures rapid heating and prolonged warmth. The full foaming and superior insulation technology not only enhances your relaxation experience but also significantly reduces energy consumption. By optimizing thermal retention, our spas can help cut your energy bills by up to 27%, making them an eco-friendly choice for your home wellness retreat.

Power Saver Insulation System

State-of-the-art insulation system ensures your spa stays warm, reducing your electricity expenses

  • 1. High-quality hot tub cover with high density core foam and aluminium reinforced centre supports. Premium vinyl cover which is durable and easy clean, supplied with 4 safety locking straps and easy lifting handles.
  • 2. Edge Foaming: This new system of edge foaming insulation is sprayed to the upper lip inside of the spa helping to make a draft free heat tight system.
  • 3. Themo shield aluminium side skirts are constructed from 2 layers of aluminium and 1layer of plastic, finished in a stylish, weatherproof grey wood grain grey finish. This not only gives a stylish look but is stronger and more energy efficient.
  • 4. Rubber insulation cotton: The cabinet is given a 25mm layer of rubber insulation cotton, with reflective aluminium foil on it.Not just to prevent the loss of heat, but also to actively reflect it back into the spa cabinet and the water.
  • 5. Blister base: Enhanced spa strength with a blister base. Protects against pests, weather, and damage while offering a cost-saving insulation system.
  • 6. Double layer of aluminium foil: Effectively reduces heat loss and infiltration by reflecting heat.
Easy to Maintain Crystal Water with Efficient Antibacterial Filtration System

Efficient antibacterial filtration system, providing crystal clear food-grade water.

  • Enjoy food-grade water quality with NSF food-grade hoses, ensuring that the water meets drinking standards and protects you and your family from harmful chemicals.
  • Virus and bacteria elimination. Easy care CD ozone with boost chamber provides safe and clean water, effectively kills germs and breaks down body oils for reduced chemical disinfectant usage.
  • Highly efficient blue filters quickly remove debris from your spa, ensuring a safe and clean experience is always ready for you.
  • Energy-efficient. Powered by a high-performance pump, our system ensures low energy consumption and efficient energy-saving, allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa worry-free.
More Space for Comfort than the Traditional Spas

Traditional hot tubs often have wasted space around the edges, limiting your ability to truly stretch out and unwind. At BETA Wellness, we believe in the power of
"More Room, More Comfort" means that you won't be cramped or confined. Stretch your legs, find your perfect seating position.

Our carefully engineered design provides a roomy interior that allows you to fully enjoy your hydrotherapy sessions. While our spas may have a small floor space, the interior space is remarkably spacious, thanks to our maximized space utilization.

Jets that Target the Right Muscles Areas

Each seat in our spa is equipped with a unique jet configuration, designed to offer a varied and targeted massage experience tailored to different muscle groups. This thoughtful design ensures that users can enjoy a comprehensive massage, focusing on specific areas of the body that require attention, from the tension-prone shoulders and lower back to the calves and feet.

The development of these jet configurations is grounded in medical science, leveraging insights into human anatomy and the therapeutic benefits of hydromassage. This scientific approach has guided the placement and intensity of jets to maximize relaxation, improve circulation, and aid in the relief of muscle soreness and stiffness.

covered spa in a backyard at sunset, exotic palms in the background
Why You Need a High-Quality Spa Covers

  • Invest in Quality: Choosing a high-quality spa cover is essential for maximizing your spa experience.
  • More Than Protection: These covers do more than just keep debris out; they are efficient insulators crucial for temperature maintenance.
  • Temperature Retention: A good spa cover retains warmth, significantly reducing the energy needed to maintain your desired water temperature.
  • Energy Efficiency: This results in a consistently warm spa experience without fluctuating temperatures or high energy costs.
  • Sustainable Relaxation: By selecting a top-notch spa cover, you protect your spa and ensure a more sustainable, cost-effective way to enjoy relaxation.
The Ultimate Guide: Choose the Right Spa
Spa-Pools ca. 1 min

The Ultimate Guide: Choose the Right Spa

For many of us, choosing the right Spa is a daunting process, and in case we have never bought a hot tub before, it can be even confusing. When you want to buy a spa, you may ask different stores about spa details, and you will come across many descriptions and information. But all these details may not help us properly make the right decision about the type of spa we need because they are not categorized in our minds. Don't panic! Beta-Wellness provides you a fully categorized and conspicuous information about Hot Tubs, so you can easily choose the suitable model for yourself.Nowadays, various models of spas such as Oasis and Riptide have become an integral part of luxury and modern homes because they have many benefits for both health and fun. They can bring calm to our atmosphere and become one of the central parts of our home Fixtures.If you are planning to buy a spa or outdoor spa, or swim spa, do not doubt that your work will be challenging without any guidance. You need to know which model, which size, and in what price range will meet all your needs. We are here to explain to you all the steps. Besides, if you want to know more about the difference between a Spa pool and a traditional swimming pool, we suggest you read: “ Spa Pool vs. Pool: Which is better? ” The most important points to consider when buying a Right Spa Well, after you get acquainted with the types of spas and their features (Read More: “ Full Experience of Spas & Hot Tubs: Beta-Wellness ”), some questions will come to your mind like, how to choose the suitable model? OR which one works for me? Many factors influence your choice. Beta-Wellness has tried to make a step-by-step guideline by gathering everything necessary in your decision-making. Let's See! Step 1: Consider the Spa dimensions. Your Space dimensions play a crucial role in choosing a Spa because the size of your area will determine the type of spa.For space with length between 2-4 meters, Spas can be the best option because, in a small area, they can accommodate a fair number of people, such as Byron Bay Hydro. If the length of your space is between 5-6 meters, swim spas can be your primary option because, in addition to the spa facilities, you can swim in them, and their capacity is big enough, Like AQUA LIFE 5.5. For space length larger than 5 meters, you can also choose a Spa pool that allows professional swimming and other features, such as EASY LIFE 8.0 DUO.Note: Of course, it is pretty clear that if the dimensions of your environment are more than 5*5 meters, you can choose from all Beta-Wellness products based on your interest, and this is only for those who have limited space.   Type Size Capacity (persons) Spas 2000x1640x820mm-3540x2300x985mm 3-10 Swim Spas 4430x2350x1290mm-7985x2350x1540mm 2-12 Swimming Pools 4430x2350x1290mm-7065x2350x1540mm 2-12    Step 2: Set your budget Like the previous step, your budget is directly related to the variety of your choices, and basically, the more budget you spend, the more advanced hot tub you will have, with super powerful jets and fancy features. Keep in mind that your budget should cover the cost of purchasing and the cost of installation. Beta-Wellness lists the average of these costs in the table below: Type Purchase and Installation cost Maintenance time(Each Time you need) Maintenance Cost Spas A$8000-A$35000 1-3 hrs. A$130-A$150 Swim Spas A$23000-A$50000 1-3 hrs. A$130-A$150 Swimming Pools A$24000-$40000 1-3 hrs.  A$130-A$150   Step 3: Which do you feel comfortable with? The most vital feature that you should pay special attention to is the hot tub's comfort because that is our primary goal in buying any Spa. All the technical features of the spa, including the power of jets and water pumps, are for us to experience a good feeling. Beta-Wellness products have a human-centered design, meaning that anybody shape can experience a real sense of relaxation. Before buying any spas, we suggest that you try to sit inside each model, and you will realize the difference by yourself! To make a better decision, we have listed all the features of different types of hot tubs in the table below. Be sure to check them out.   Features Spa (Hot Tub) Swim spa Swimming pool Product layout seats and lounger Single/ Dual Zone Single Zone Max Water capacity 2500L 8500L 9900L Max depth 950mm 1540mm 1540mm Insulation system Platinum Lock/Skirt Lock Platinum Lock/Skirt Lock Platinum Lock Durability √ √ √ Water care system √ √ √ Weatherproof plastic base √ √ √ Backlit controls √ √ √ Waterline light √ √  √ Music stereo √ √ √ Hydrotherapy jets √ √ - Swimming system - √ √ Waterscape decoration √ √ √ Step 4: Deal with reliable companies. After going through all the above steps, it is time to choose a trusted company to make the deal. There are different brands in the market, but after a bit of research, you will realize that the variety and quality of Oasis and Riptide brands will be the best choice for everyone. These brands use the most durable materials and up-to-date technology in the production of their spas, and also their ergonomic design makes everyone love their products.A sweet deal is a combination of paying the best market price and getting extra features or getting a discount. In any spa deals, try to get accessories as much as possible after you are sure of the product's quality. The good news is that dealing with Beta-Wellness will be easier for you. Our company has exceeded expectations due to providing high-quality spas and giving additional accessories on purchasing any products without any haggling. As our company name shows, innovation and health at its highest level are our concern. Even after buying a Hot Tub, we are with you by the full guarantee of products and after-sales services. Beta-Wellness is with you from idea to comfort.FAQ: What spa is right for me? If you're looking for a giant hot tub that can accommodate multiple people at once, consider buying a 6 Person spa or the larger one. If you only want a small tub, consider purchasing a 4 Person spa.Which spa is the best?The best hot tub for you depends on several factors, including the type of materials used to make the spa, how many people will use it at once, and where you plan to put it. The size and shape of your yard can also play a role in your choice. When deciding which hot tub is suitable for you, think about what you want most out of your experience: relaxation and comfort or luxury and entertainment.What are the different forms of Spa?Spa come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large enough to hold several people at once, while others are compact enough to be placed indoors. They can also be designed from different materials, such as resin or fiberglass.

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Explore & Test: Find Your Ideal Spa in Our Stores!

Would you purchase a car without taking it for a test drive? The only way to determine which model is best for you and your family is to take a trial plunge in one of our spas. Examine the depth and form of the seat, feel the water, and try the massaging function. Simply bring swimwear and towels; we'll see to it that the pool is ready for you. You can select models that are appropriate for test swimming in our showrooms. Allow our professionals to assist you and get ideas for possible garden designs from past projects; all with a distinctive sliding cover.

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