Fun Spa

Timeless Fun for the Wild & Free: Dive into the never-ending summer feeling

Fun For 3
  • 200 X 164 X 82 cm
  • 2 seats and 1 recliner
Fun For 6
  • 200 X 200 X 82 cm
  • 4 seats and 1 recliner
Fun For 5
  • 212 X 212 X 92 cm
  • 3 seats and 2 recliners
Fun for all 4.4
  • 443 X 235 X 129 cm
  • 1 zone pool
Fun for All 6.0
  • 592 X 235 X 129 cm
  • 1 zone pool


Fun For 3

Dimensions 200 X 164 X 82 cm
Volume 854 ltr
Hydro Jets 15 Hydro Jets
Seating 2 seats and 1 recliner
Dimensions 200 X 164 X 82 cm
Volume 854 ltr
Hydro Jets 15 Hydro Jets
Seating 2 seats and 1 recliner

Price on demand

Fun, love & relaxation: Your go-to spa choice for couples and families

Fun Spa series was designed with families and friends in mind, for the everyday routine in your home and garden, enjoying moments of connection and relaxation. Manufactured with care and sustainability, we offer full support across Australia from consulting to installation, leaving you to only enjoy the benefits of a spa in your home.

happy family hugging inside the pool

Powerful Features

High Quality Shell

The heart of a great spa is it's shell. We use industry leading acrylic which allows us to form over tight edges and soft curves without a blemish.


FunSpa features a reliable control system, and they are fitted with a reversible. Back-lit keypad, waterproof control box and an efficient 2kw heater that keeps your spa water hot but power needs low.

Massage Jets

Over 20 hydrotherapy jets in varieties spread across two recliners and three seats allow you to ease your way from one seat to another to enjoy a different massage.


There are many methods of spa insulation, but the ultimate aim is to retain the heat in the spa water and to keep re-heating costs to a minimum. FunSpa is designed to deliver instant access to your lovely warm spa water all year round, but use a minimum amount of electricity to maintain it.


In-spa lighting has 8 colors and 4 modes including a gentle rotation through the spectrum. Using the key pad you can select your favourite color.


Our comfortable pillows are made from long lasting ozone and chlorine resistant EVA material.

Soothe Your Senses: Your Goodbye to Everyday Stress and Pain

As the pressures of work and life continue to accumulate, feeling mentally and physically exhausted has become the norm. However, the precious moments of leisure seem too scarce to savor. In pursuit of a better quality of life, there's a convenient way to unwind - a custom-made spa in the comfort of your home. It allows you to indulge in a soothing soak and massage, achieving a perfect balance of body and mind, and relishing in the leisurely moments while savouring the beauty and joy of life. With a professional-grade massage spa, you deserve to have your own backyard haven.

Woman enjoying a deep hydromassage
swimmer with googles and cap splashing water while swimming
Welcome to the Beginning of a New Lifestyle

Enjoy fitness, relaxation and fun.

We all know that exercise and regular relaxation are important for your physical and mental health and well-being, as is having a place where you can unwind and feel truly relaxed.

The precious moments of free time for the gym or for a visit to the public pool are often too limited in order to be able to enjoy them sufficiently.

A hot tub or swim spa offers a great solution for quickly and easily counteracting stressful everyday life at work and the feeling of mental and physical exhaustion - without much effort and at any time at home.

With a Funspa you can now easily rediscover your performance, unleash your energy and enjoy new fun in your life. The best part, however - you will now save a lot of money!

covered spa in a backyard at sunset, exotic palms in the background
Why Spa Covers are a Must

When it comes to maximizing your spa experience, investing in a quality spa cover is a smart move. These covers are not just about keeping debris out; they're designed as efficient insulators that play a crucial role in maintaining your spa's temperature. This means that once you've heated your spa to the perfect warm and inviting temperature, the cover ensures that this warmth is retained, significantly reducing the energy required to keep the water at your desired temperature. The result? You enjoy a consistently soothing spa experience without the worry of fluctuating temperatures or skyrocketing energy bills. So, by choosing a top-notch spa cover, you're not just protecting your spa, but you're also ensuring a more sustainable and cost-effective way to relax and unwind.

Enjoy the art of purity

Efficient antibacterial filtration system, providing crystal clear water.

  1. NSF food-grade hoses, ensuring the highest quality of water.
  2. Bacteria inhibition filtration by highly efficient blue filter for utmost cleanliness and safety of the spa water
  3. Virus and bacteria elimination by ozone venturi allowing O3 to fully intergrate with the water so that every drop of water is sanitised

More room - more comfort

Traditional hot tubs often have wasted space around the edges, limiting your ability to truly stretch out and unwind.

At FUNSPA hot tubs, we believe in the power of "More Room, More Comfort" means that you won't be cramped or confined. Stretch your legs, find your perfect seating position. Our carefully engineered designs provide a roomy interior that allows you to fully enjoy your hydrotherapy sessions. While our spas may have a small floorspace, the interior space is remarkably spacious, thanks to our maximized space utilization.

Cut your energy bills

High-efficiency insulation system, quick heating and long-lasting.

  1. High density foam cover stops heat loss from above
  2. Edge foaming for thermal insulation effects
  3. "No Gap" cabinet for no heat diffusion
  4. Thermo shield 3-layer insulation
  5. Rubber insulation cotton with reflective aluminum foil
  6. Solid ABS base against pests, weather and damage
  7. Doble layer of aluminum foil for reflecting and blocking heat transfer
Creating the perfect massage
  • Full body massage recliner
  • Accu-pressure back massage
  • Foot massage therapy
  • Diverse jet combination offering different massage experience for different seats

FUNSPA hottubs now combine the massage precision and scientific seating layout , offer the proven benefits of hydrotherapy and the stimulation provided by hydro massage - using targeted water jets to loosen muscles, stimulate blood flow and create a feeling of wellness.

Elevate your hydrotherapy experience with the cutting-edge high-power massage Pump. Deliver an unyielding surge of energy, ensuring a vigorous flow of water to immerse you in a soothing spa experience.

Indulge in the ultimate swimming experience

Patented turbo swim jets positioned for maximum resistance

The patented 3 inch turbo swimming jets provide a powerful yet smooth resistance for an unparalleled swimming experience. Correct jet positioning is crucial. The swim jets target the shoulders and chest to create maximum resistance. Low or wide jets just waste water flow.

  • Honeycomb design, which is different from the direct injections jet on the market. More uniform water flow and without any vortex turbulence.
  • Power flow swim jets for targeted resistance powered by high flow pumps, avoid water diverters and provide maximum and smoother water flow.
  • Correct jet positioning is important. The swim jets target the shoulders and chest to create maximum resistance