Maui Classic
  • 200 X 164 X 82 cm
  • 1 seats and 2 lounger
Miami Classic
  • 200 X 200 X 82 cm
  • 3 seats and 2 lounger
Miami Hydro
  • 200 X 200 X 82 cm
  • 3 seats and 2 lounger
Byron Bay Hydro
  • 212 X 212 X 92 cm
  • 3 seats and 2 lounger
Jamaican Hydro
  • 230 X 230 X 92 cm
  • 3 seats and 2 lounger
Riviera Hydro
  • 230 X 230 X 92 cm
  • 4 seats and 1 lounger
Tuscany Hydro
  • 212 X 212 X 92 cm
  • 7 Seater Spa
Islander Hydro
  • 300 X 230 X 92 cm
  • 9 Seater Spa
Islander Pro
  • 300 X 230 X 92 cm
  • 9 Seater Spa


Maui Classic

Dimensions 200 X 164 X 82 cm
Volume 870 ltr
Hydro Jets 26 x Hydro Jets
Seating 1 seats and 2 lounger
Cut your energy bills up to 27%

Featuring highly efficient thermal insulation and heat-locking technology, our spa is equipped with a precision computerised TOUCH temperature control system. This system allows for precise adjustment of the water temperature. Additionally, our spa is surrounded by multi-layer insulation within the cabin and an antibacterial thermal insulation cover. These features can reduce energy costs by up to 27%.

400w Preheated Airjet Massage System

Preheating air before introducing it to the spa reduces energy consumption by minimizing the temperature difference between the water circulating in the spa and the cooler air drawn into the system. This enhances user comfort and lightens the heating load on the spa's primary heater.

One of the greatest joys of owning a spa is witnessing air bubbles gracefully ascend from the water, adding a touch of whimsy to gatherings and parties. As time passes, these bubbles gently caress your skin before dissipating into the air. Allow yourself to be fully present and immersed in this delightful moment.

Enjoy the art of purity

Experience the superior quality of water that protects you and your family from hazardous substances.

The highly efficient blue filters rapidly eliminate waste from your spa, guaranteeing a consistently safe and clean experience that is always prepared for your use.

Our low-maintenance Ozone Mixing Chamber guarantees the delivery of safe and clean water. It efficiently eliminates bacteria and breaks down body oils, reducing the necessity for chemical disinfectants.

Our system employs a high-performance pump to ensure minimal energy consumption and effective energy conservation. This allows you to unwind and enjoy your spa without any worries.

Easy control at your fingertips

Drawing from eighteen years of experience, the SPATECH control system offers spa consumers an entirely new realm of possibilities. Backed by a five-year warranty, it provides reassurance and peace of mind.

Effortlessly manage your heat pump with the user-friendly keypads. With 6 modes available, you can fully harness the capabilities of your heat pump to maximize your savings: Eco Heat, Smart Heat, Eco Auto, Smart Auto, Cool, and Electric.

The touchscreen keypad boasts simple and efficient configuration options, making it intuitive and user-friendly for anyone to take control of with ease.

Our system offers powerful compatibility with WiFi and Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to effortlessly control your spa's functions and features from any smartphone or tablet, even when you're away from home.

Dreamy ambiance to relieve fatigue

We are delighted to introduce you to the extraordinary realm of dream time illumination, where we have delicately crafted an atmosphere that evokes a sense of wonder and establishes the ideal foundation for an unparalleled moment of relaxation.
Waterlevel lights | Large LED
Explore more profound domains of serenity illuminated by our waterlevel lights and large LED lights, which emanate a captivating luminosity from beneath the surface. In these depths, concerns diminish and an atmosphere of complete calm envelops you.
Lifting fountain light
As our Lifting fountain light lights your route and strengthens your bond with the elements, set out on an amazing journey. Every touch initiates a wonderful dance that skillfully leads you through a world of limitless possibilities.
Back-lit controls
Enter a realm where fantasies come true and magic fills the air at all times. Allow the magical atmosphere to surround you, converting everyday life to unforgettable experiences.